How To import Github Project on Android Studio

What is Github?

Basically, Github is a tool that is used for code hosting that means you didn’t need to send the same code to each individual person in your team. Just by sharing code on your Github profile, you can easily share your code everywhere around the world and this is not it. It also came with some powerful tools which are used for code management.

What is Android Studio?

Android studio is the official Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android application which means it is a tool that is used to create an Android application (App) for android phones as well as for android watch and on top of that it came along with a ton of features that makes the building and testing of an application a lot easier for a software engineering.

Steps for importing Github project on Android Studio

Step-1 Copying source code link

To copy the link of the source code, open your GitHub repository and then select the project which you want to import → CodeCopy link to the clipboard

Step-2 Saving the source code to specific location

To Save your Project at your Specific Location first open Android Studio File → New → Project from the version control → Directory → browse the location → URL → Paste the source code URL

Final StepOpening your project

As soon as you will tap on the clone button Android Studio will ask you whether you want to open the project in the current window or in a new windows Tap on any of one option as per your likes and then Android Studio will take a couple of secs to build your project and then you are all done you have successfully imported your project from Github

Watch This video for Tutorial

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